Growing a blog

After much gardening busy-ness of digging in clients’ dirt,  and scrubbing said dirt from face and hands, Your Garden Nanny is finally clean enough to take laptop in hand and, with many a gardening vision blooming,  start digging in the digital world.

In other words, Your Garden Nanny website has been seeded, and, with regular watering and feeding, plans to provide you – armchair enthusiasts and weekend gardening warriors alike – with helpful and practical  tips, ideas and inspirations.

So slap on the sunscreen, grab a trowel, and come play in the dirt with Your Garden Nanny. Discover the joys, overcome the challenges (darn slugs – a pox on you!) and take immense satisfaction in co-creating alongside Mother Nature. You’ll know it when those seeds or bulbs you planted way back when emerge from the soil and bloom. What a sense of accomplishment as you see all your efforts and patience pay off.

Speaking of patience, truly dedicated gardeners must have this in spades to see the results of their labours of love. They know you can’t rush Mother Nature – everything comes in the fullness of time.

So too with this website. Please come back and visit, feel free to comment and contribute to see it grow, mature and flourish.

Happy gardening!