How healthy is your garden?

Regular exercise, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is what  … a garden needs. It may only have been a season or so since you last looked at the well-being of your shrubs and perennials, your trees and lawn, but things can grow quickly out of hand or once thriving greenery may be sucumbing to brown edges and die-back. When the system is out of balance, it’s harder for plants and flowers to produce lush, healthy foliage and flowers, and to ward off disease.

Image courtesy of Colin Broug

Like any program to get back into shape, a garden’s health is dependent on regular grooming and a healthy lifestyle. There are things that need to be done in sequence to attain vibrant health and peak fitness, and they won’t happen overnight. At the same time, the measurement of success of any program cannot be determined if there is no defined starting point. Let’s continue the analogy and consider a “full physical” for the garden, including lab work to test for a range of biological markers. The degree to which they show up or not will provide a clear diagnosis of the garden’s current condition. From this understanding, a clear course of action can be prescribed.

That starting point is not the plants themselves, but the soil in which they grow. Soil is the foundation for all bedding plants in both physical and nutritional support. The physical component of the soil is important (for example the ratio of sand, gravel and clay), as is its pH value and the concentration of the three key nutrients for all plant life: oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorus.


Vertical gardening

Here’s a whole new meaning to the state of your garden driving you up the wall! There’s a whole lot of care and a distinct lack of heights that goes into nannying such a project. If you live in Surrey, why not take a look at the Semiahmoo Library and Fire Station wall that has been created by Green Over Grey.

Picture courtesy of Peace Arch News

Growing a blog

After much gardening busy-ness of digging in clients’ dirt,  and scrubbing said dirt from face and hands, Your Garden Nanny is finally clean enough to take laptop in hand and, with many a gardening vision blooming,  start digging in the digital world.

In other words, Your Garden Nanny website has been seeded, and, with regular watering and feeding, plans to provide you – armchair enthusiasts and weekend gardening warriors alike – with helpful and practical  tips, ideas and inspirations.

So slap on the sunscreen, grab a trowel, and come play in the dirt with Your Garden Nanny. Discover the joys, overcome the challenges (darn slugs – a pox on you!) and take immense satisfaction in co-creating alongside Mother Nature. You’ll know it when those seeds or bulbs you planted way back when emerge from the soil and bloom. What a sense of accomplishment as you see all your efforts and patience pay off.

Speaking of patience, truly dedicated gardeners must have this in spades to see the results of their labours of love. They know you can’t rush Mother Nature – everything comes in the fullness of time.

So too with this website. Please come back and visit, feel free to comment and contribute to see it grow, mature and flourish.

Happy gardening!