It’s a well-known fact. Plants can wake up a little cranky at this time of year. They’re cold and stiff from their long winter’s nap (you’d be, too) and they’re yearning for some attention. Some sun time, fresh air and a proper snack is in order. After all this time their bed is a bit lumpy, too, as bits of old leaves and twigs are strewn about, providing hiding places for pests intent on mistreating your spring greens.

Nothing that a good airing and tidy up won’t cure. 


Additional services for this time of year:

  • Soil preparation and planting
  • Supplies shopping and delivery
  • Regular “Grooming and Fussing”
  • Planning your vegetable harvest in plenty of time
  • Thinking of selling your property? Think of it as a spring clean and adding container gardens to enhance your curb.

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