Garden makeover and ongoing maintenance

The scope:

The clients are both busy professionals and have neither the time nor inclination to spend tending to their large garden beds. Not being a top priority for some time, both front and back yard beds had become overgrown and in need of rejuvenation.

The front of the property – being the client’s priority – felt stark and was in need of lots of elbow grease and TLC;  there was plenty to do and this was definitely not a project for one season…

The before:

The soil was compacted clay and in desperate need of amending. The lawn was in rough shape with weeds and crabgrass choking off water and nutrients needed by the sod. The front garden bed shapes were blunted with overgrowth. 


The solution:

After the sod was broken up, organic amendment was added to the existing soil, followed by topsoil and mulch. The added nutrients and the protection from water evaporation provided by the mulch not only improved the soil quality of the garden beds, but of the surrounding lawn as well.

The front lawn saw a lot of foot traffic as both the clients, their clients, friends and family would use this area as a shortcut to the front door; proving  slippery and dangerous in rainy weather. Your Garden Nanny designed and created a safer, more esthetically pleasing pathway. By using flagstone and inter-planting with thyme, a more organic route to the house was created. Over time the fragrant herbs will grow up into well-behaved greenery that doesn’t need to be mown! 

When the beds started emerging from under the growth, we decided to re-defined their shape and created more organic and softer edges by extending the beds around the house and along the path.


Once the expanded beds were ready and planting was begun, regular maintenance to ensure the plants would properly establish themselves was crucial. Soaker hoses and an automatic timer system were installed to protect the clients’ investment in  their newly acquired perennials.

What the owners said:

(We’re nudging them – watch this space!)


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