Small space renovation and design

The scope:

An elderly client was having challenges managing the sections of lawn in her small courtyard garden. She found that during the Fall and Winter, the grass would get muddy and slippery, causing her concerns of safety as well as having to deal with a messy, soppy garden. 

While wanting a tidy, well-kept garden, the client knew that her decreased flexibility and stamina would not allow her to maintain it as she wanted, so Your Garden Nanny was called in to help.

The before:

One side of the courtyard was overgrown with heather. It was crowding out other plants, decreasing accessibility to plants further back in the beds, and generally making the area look overgrown and shabby.

The solution:

After completing our thorough Garden Interview Process to clarify the client’s needs, time-frame and price points, we looked at replacing the lawn and the damaged, plastic edging with quarried stones, interspersed with ground cover to eventually fill the spaces in between.

The after:

In just three visits, Your Garden Nanny transformed and brightened up this small-space garden with a pathway inviting further discovery:

What the owner said:
(coming shortly!)


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